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A screened in porch is essentially a kind of deck or similar structural structure near or on the outside of a home that’s been partially covered by screen windows in an attempt to prevent wind, debris, and other undesirables from entering the interior. This construction method became popular in the latter part of the twentieth century for the installation of a swimming pool or spa. Today, this type of remodel is frequently used for outdoor decks or landscapes. The screened in porch can range from a simple addition of a screen to a complete reconstruction of the entire deck.

Screened in porches come in two standard styles: flat and pitched. A flat screened in porch screen is one in which the board spans the full width of the wall, while pitched provides a sloping surface running the full length of the board. The materials for these two kinds of construction typically use wood, vinyl, or composite materials. Although wood is typically the most common material for a screened in deck, there are several synthetic materials which may be appropriate for your construction project.

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custom built screened in porch enclosure at homeFor many homeowners, a screened in porch has proven to be both useful and affordable. It allows for increased indoor air quality and protection from weather elements such as rain and snow. When constructed properly, it provides a sense of privacy while still allowing natural light to enter the house. With the right construction methods, you can even make your porch feel more like an outdoor room than an indoor living space. In addition to screened in porches, many companies offer screened in windows and sliding glass doors.

Many homeowners prefer to construct their own porches, but for those who aren’t skilled with construction tools, hiring a contractor to construct your porch may be your best option. When screened in porches are made from wood, the costs tend to be higher than those for vinyl or composite decks. Wood that is used to construct a screened in porch must be cured properly and maintained regularly. Because it is a heavier material, wood also tends to cost more to install.

To lower the per-unit cost of installing a screened porch, you can increase the number of rooms that you install in your porch. You can also install features that add value to your home. However, when you make additions to your porch, you should choose amenities that appeal to your family and guests. Consider installing a balcony, outdoor kitchen, or patio. In addition to adding these amenities, you can install railings and decking so that you have easy access to your outdoor amenities.

The first step you’ll take in constructing a screened porch will be to build the frame. Typically, you’ll need two story walls for the frame and one floor level for the screen. After you’ve constructed your frame, you can begin the installation process by building the screen. A screen that is built too low or too high can prevent the room from being sealed properly and may allow rain and snow to get through. Make sure to install a screen that is at least six inches higher than the frame.

If you have a room that already has a porch, it’s usually the best idea to leave the existing porch attached to the house. This will provide more flexibility with design and allow you to add extra weight to the screened porches if necessary. Adding a screen over an existing deck will also provide additional protection against snow and rain.

Finally, your outdoor living area must be weather-proofed to withstand the elements. Cedar is the best choice for screening, but any type of wood will work. Be sure to include a weather-stripping below the screen for added protection. Many homeowners go the extra mile and include screen on the posts of their porches. Screening your porches is not difficult and provides an elegant, finished look.

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